Saturday, July 31, 2010

Be Bodacious

I read an interesting post by Golden Seeds director, Angela Haines on starting an entrepreneurial tech venture "mid career". It seems to me the best time to start a business is now regardless of your age or experience.

I am just back from travel. Beautiful sunrise in the big sky of Calgary.

I need to strive for higher productivity while I travel.

I feel I am way behind in my blogging. I have read lots of books that I need to share.

One book I read was Be Bodacious - Put Life in Your Leadership by Steven Wood.

When I was first given it, I was not sure I should be caught reading it on the train, thinking bodacious meant voluptuous or sexy. But I checked Websters and found it also means "Remarkable, noteworthy" as well.

The book is written in story or fable format. The main character learns a series of "secrets" or lessons from a fictitious mentor called Cowboy. At first, I was not impressed since the "secrets" seemed almost trite - be extraordinary, be unrestrained, be bold. But the book went on to lay out some great self development truths set out in a number of challenges.

Most of the analogies are cowboy. Like the 8 second rule in bull riding. You get no score unless you beat 8 seconds. The lessons - you need to pay a price to enter the competition and you need to finish the ride. And know there may be some discomfort.

Or catching chickens. It pays to focus - chasing more than one chicken at once does not work.

Be Bodacious is a quick engaging read. The secrets are valid. They reinforce what we should all be doing.


At 10:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jim, thanks for your continued leadership in the business community. This appears to be a great book and will be running out to Borders today to see if it is in stock


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At 11:21 AM, Blogger Amy Collins said...

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the recommend!


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