Monday, June 28, 2010

The Power of the Few

I am so disappointed by the violence at the G20. A few misguided people managed to damage the reputation of Canada and Toronto.

I hope the G20 has the sense to hold future summits either on a ship or at a military base.

So the question is - can the same impact be done by a few good people doing good things?

Perhaps I am an optimist but I think they can. Good seems to have a longer term impact than bad. And like many things of value, good can take time and persistence.



At 4:52 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Jim,
I'm curious about the nature of the coverage the G20 meeting and riots got in NYC. I did a quick front page scan in Australian, British and some American newspaper sites and saw very little today about the riots, or the "crackdown" That was not the case in the Canadian papers. Debt levels and floating Chinese currency seem to draw more international attention. Is this news here in Southern Ontario only because we have to pay for it?

At 3:32 AM, Anonymous Irene Markoja said...

Hi, Jim!
I am also extremely embarrassed by the rable rousers who went to extraordinary lengths to cause problems for everyone else. If somebody has an opinion about something, fine. (That's what free speech and democracy are about.) But when people smash all reminders of capitalism to force their opinions on others, then they do nothing for their cause. They even give the peaceful protesters a bad name.
I hope the incident is a lesson for anyone involved in future G8/G20 summits. But I'm not overly optimistic. I can see those hard-core rable rousers coming up with more violent, more disruptive and, suffice to say, more creative ways to express themselves down the road. That is scary.

At 9:27 AM, Blogger George Torok said...

Hi Jim,
I agree with you. I don't see how the G20 meeting helped Toronto or Canada.

At 1:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i disagree with the idea of having the g20 at a military base. we're talking politics here, and that would send an awful message. also, take into consideration that no serious injuries occurred- there was only damage to property, which is disappointing, but not as bad as the g20 would have been in some other countries- particularly in europe. i find it amusing that Sarkozy claims he will spend 10% of what we spent on security when he hosts the g20... i'd love to see that happen in France, where protests (particularly those that turn violent) are quite commonplace.


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