Friday, August 20, 2010

Leverage The Best - Ditch the Rest

Leverage The Best - Ditch the Rest is the title of a book by Scott Blanchard and Madeline Homan. The subtitle - The Coaching Secrets Top Executives Depend on.

I loved the title since I am a big believer in working on your strengths and spending a much time using them as you possibly can. That tends to be the way people add the most value.

I think the key to weaknesses is to do just enough to minimize them. But spending a lot of time trying to be good at something you are weak at only gives you some stronger weaknesses.

The book is written as a workbook. Lots of exercises. The exercises reinforce everything I know like have goals (written and specific of course), have good success habits etc.

I loved the chapter on Name and Claim Your Standards. Standards can be great. But they can also be a limit. More people fail from perfection than fail from speed. I know in my own life, my standards have often caused me undue stress.

I loved the chapter on Eliminate Your Tolerations. Basically - what are those things you "put up with". One way I know a book is good is if it actually causes me to take action. One thing I have tolerated is messy bookshelves. I am inspired to tidy them today. So the book must be a success.

Now off to organize my bookshelves.


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