Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Business Intelligence Success Factors

Back from travel at least for now. I had a productive morning so allow myself a break now.

On my flight I read a great book - Business Intelligence Success Factors - Tools for Aligning Your Business in the Global Economy by Olivia Parr Rud. I had had it for a while but was avoiding reading it because I was thinking it was about Data Mining/IT etc. I was wrong and it is my fault for not doing what my speed reading lessons always taught - do a quick pre-read or flip through of a book. The book is more about people and getting the most from teams.

She talks about the Seven Business Realities that Jeopardize Business Survival (from Information Revolution). Stuff like business cycles are shrinking and globalization helps and hurts.

The book ties in nicely with the recent books I have been reading like Smart Swarm and The Whole New Mind. It speaks of collective intelligence. Interconnectedness increases this collective wisdom.

She has a good list of 11 ways to avoid failure with collaborative teams (like replacing management controls with online collaboration tools).

She has 10 Principles for Leading a Dynamic Organization (like create adaptive strategies)

There was an excellent section on closed loops and feedback. Closed loops are a great way to solve problems. I am not an advocate of paperwork and admin but one thing I like about ISO9000 is the closed loop they advocate. IE - not only solve the problem but look to why there was a problem in the first place and put in place processes to solve that.

Good book - better than the title.


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