Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Andreas Weigend - Marketing and Web 3.0

Andreas Weigend, previous chief scientist from Amazon spoke at World Innovation Forum. History for him:

1800s - Transport energy - Industrial revolution
1900s - Transport Data - Information revolution
2000 - Create Data - Social Media revolution

All the statistics are available on the web (including your competitors). But with the overwhelming amount of data, can you properly analyse it?

Data doubles every 1.5 years. That works out to 100 times more data in 10 years.

It is all about the data. What did people buy? What did their friends buy? What did other people who bought what you bought? What did people search for? Identifying who you are - your interests, your purchases etc. You tend to buy what your friends buy.

His talk is enough to instill a bit of indignation about invasion of privacy combined with a reaction that I do not want to be typecast.

It is about Content
- Context
- Connection (this provides market targeting)
- Conversation

"Twitter works because of the illusion of an audience." (I wonder if blogging is a bit like this)

Bridging he digital and the physical is a big thing. Chips (like GPS) in devices, cars etc.

"You do not own your customers anymore. Same with the brand."

We have moved from eBusiness to meBusiness to weBusiness. It is now about community.

He is an interesting speaker. Inspires thought.


At 12:27 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Agree. Some great ideas. Amazing how much talent is concentrated in Silicon valley.


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