Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Jeff Kindler - Leading Change

Jeff Kindler is CEO of Pfizer. He was interviewed today at the World Innovation Forum.

On "how do you reward innovation at Pfizer?"

He spoke of the power of the small with the scale or the large. It is about balancing. (I have always said "The goal is to be a big company but act like a small one").

Of course he talked about healthcare again - continuing the theme from this morning.
He spoke of the high rate of that change and also pointed out that there is nothing he can do about that rate of change. His suggestion "face reality and have a mindset that you will get ahead of those changes"


This was followed by a stats presentation on innovation by Cap Gemini. % of companies who view innovation as strategic vs their success. Interesting stats but too tough to repeat here.

Engaging customers in innovation improves the quality of the innovations and the value created by them.


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