Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Secret of Shelter Island Review

I stopped my 13 mile run at 8 miles today (so I guess it really was not a 13 mile run). Was not sure why I stopped but it just seemed too tough to keep going. Then I weighed myself and found I had dropped 4 pounds (I had weighed myself just before the run). Clearly the reason was dehydration - that is 2 litres of water I lost.

I have been trying to be more aware of my body signals and have noticed that dehydration (even without exercise) is one of the things that impact my mood.

While in the library yesterday The Secret of Shelter Island - Money and what Matters caught my eye. I assumed it was going to be about Long Island Shelter Island but it is not. It is more a book about Affluenza - how to appropriately deal with money and how it relates to happiness.

It is a great and well researched book with the basic message - Money cannot make you happy and in many cases can make you miserable.

The book has lots of great quotes:

"An unexpected monetary windfall can alter your life in ways you cannot imagine. Some people change their priorities or make bad decisions. Others lose sight of their long held values. Still others discover they have attracted the wrong sort of people they mistakenly call friends."

It quotes Mark Skousen's book Econopower as saying the 4 elements of Happiness are:

1- Rewarding and honest employment
2 - Recreation
3 - Love and friendship
4 - Spiritual development

Laurence G. Boldt once wrote "The life you spend doing what you love is a different life indeed from putting your life out to hire to the highest bidder. The only way you can can say it makes no difference is to say life makes no difference."

And it quotes Warren Buffet "we've long felt that the only value of stock forecasters is to make the fortune tellers look good...forecasts are poison and should be locked up in a safe place away from children and also from grownups"


At 11:47 AM, Anonymous Lisa said...

One of the gifts of these challenging times is the opportunity to reevaluate priorities and core values. Thank you for reminding us about these four basic principles.

Please check out a recent book by Keith Merron title, "The Golden Compass - the Heart & Soul of Remarkable Leadership." He discusses how great leadership is never about money but instead about finding answers and fulfilling vision. It's a great take on what goes into the making of an extraordinary leader.


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