Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Michael Howe - Minute Clinic

The speaker now at World Innovation Forum is Michael Howe - former CEO of Minute Clinic. He took it from 19 clinics to 500. This is a clinic located in CVS drug stores that eventually sold to CVS that does no appointment health care appointments. This innovation has been touted by Forbes Magazine as the biggest (or only) healthcare innovation in America.

One challenge or concern when this was implemented was that prescriptions would soar. They did not increase.

It makes so much sense. Make it convenient. They use doctors and nurse practitioners.

Howe says part of the reason for Minute Clinic is the younger generation (millennials) who accept it more than some of the older people. I am thinking Time Management people would also value these clinics.

He did talk about the pace of technology advance. 9 months for Facebook to hit 1,000,000 users.


"Need clarity of purpose". "Most environments today stifle innovation". " Not all changes are good". "You need a mechanism for capturing innovation". "Encourage people to understand their gifts".

He asks good questions that spawn innovation:

What are you doing? Why? How?

Who are you serving? What are their needs

A culture of accountability
We are responsible.

External Influences. What needs to be dealt with in the environment to make it work. Minute Clinic had lots of regulatory barriers to overcome.


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