Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Motivational Speakers

Yesterday I attended a YPO seminar with 3 great inspireational speakers. Vern Harnish, Seth Godin and Pat Lencioni.

The theme of the day was growth. Clearly a motivational topic for any entrepreneur. The reason I like growth it is th painless way to efficiency. Sell 20% more but only add 10% more staff and overheads is to most painless path to efficiency.

The speakers challenged me to think big, think major change, think different. Separate from the crowd. Do not do what everyone else does - choose something different. I came away with pages of notes. Now I am thinking...

Changing topics.

I am a very goal focussed person. I read on the instigator blog a project that he is doing where he is encouraging people to set goals between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I find setting goals for me is inspirational and good as it keeps me ontrack anytime so why not participate.

The best goal setting exercise is still the 60 minute goal setting exercise that I have written about previously.

This specific challenge that I need to solve now is further refinement of my time systems and processes to help me efficiently handle volume. Specific issues around the time to do email.

At the same time, I need to polish my time systems and I need to make sure I maintain my health. The only area that I really need help with may be sleeping more (although I do need to keep the discipline up on exercising and eating right).


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