Monday, November 13, 2006

Apollo 11

I heard a captivating speaker tonight at a SYNNEX TSD event. Jim Lovell was the captain on Apollo 11, the almost failed moon landing. Failed because they did not land on the moon. Succeeded because Jim was live to talk to us tonight.

Apollo 11 had problems before landing on the moon. The main oxygen failed. This not only was required to breathe but was their fuel (fuel cells mix hydrogen with oxygen to make electricity and water). They had to use the oxygen in the small shuttle attached to propel the larger vessel safely back to earth.

Captivating speaker. I need to rent the movie.

Lead a charmed life to be able to see such a speaker (and have a great dinner as well). The world is conspiring to make me see that all challenges I have are small. I have food. I have oxygen. I am charmed.


At 4:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the book is called "Lost Moon". I can't remember for sure. Goes into a lot of changes that occured after the Apollo 1 fire that was instrumental in their successes.

Jim, it was Apollo 13. Read the book, better than the movie. Better yet get the audio book which is narrated by Col Jim himself and is good on a long drive. If you are ever in Lake Forest, ll , pop into his restaurant called "Lovell's".


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