Sunday, November 12, 2006

Vote and CRN Hall of Fame

I am in California. Flew out early today for the CRN Hall of Fame event which runs through Tuesday night.

On my flight out, one of the books I read was Miracle in the Andes - 72 Days in the Mountains and My long Trek Home by Nando Parrado. Great book especially since it is true. Fascinating page turner. As I mentioned in my Nov 7th post, I heard Nando speak live. Stories of courage like this reinforce the need for persistence in the face of adversity. Also sure helps me to keep myself in perspective.

One of my favourite time strategies is my don't do list. One of my more controversial "don't yet do" things (almost as controversial as I do not yet golf) is that I do not do politics. If I did, I would be sure to offend some of my customers, suppliers and staff. And it could be very time consuming which is why I have a don't yet do list to start with.

Although I do not yet do politics, clearly I vote. I have already voted in the municipal election advance polls since I am going to be traveling tomorrow. I encourage everyone to get out and vote. Details on how to vote in Guelph are posted on Blog Guelph.


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