Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween and self control - Not. and publishing a book from a blog

I came home early for trick or treat. I enjoy seening the neighbourhood kids. After the crowd dies down, I like to go visiting on the theory that everyone is expecting guests so won't mind if I stop by.

The problem with Halloween is left over candy that cries "eat me, eat me" and of course I oblige.

People think I have great self discipline and I suppose I do but part of it is planning not to have temptation near. Usually I never have candy at home so never eat it. So my tip tonight is "plan to avoid temptation".

I finished reading my brother Lyle's book "Biodiesel Power = The Passion, the people and the politics of the next renewable fuel". Excellent book. Well written. Easy to read. Highly recommended and I don't think I am saying this just because he is my brother.

I know bloggers often read blogs and often bloggers want to pubish a book. That is exactly what Lyle did. It contains many passages from his Energy Blog. The moral for bloggers who want to publish a book is blog well, network and you too might get your book published.


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