Thursday, October 06, 2005


Yesterday after a busy day of almost constant meetings and calls, I went to a press reception downtown. I figure it never hurts to keep in touch with the press and I was in my Toronto office. My oldest daughter lives in Toronto now (taking her Masters in English) so I invited her to join me since as a proper student, she appreciates free food.

The 20 minute drive downtown took me an hour and the parking cost $20! I forgot that there was a hockey game on (yes hockey has started again). So the moral of the story and my time tip for the day is check the sports schedules before heading downtown.

Reception was good and it was good seeing Laura.


At 10:39 AM, Blogger EKENYERENGOZI Michael Chima said...

To tell you my opinion of my attitude to sports.
Right now our national soccer team the Super Eagles of Nigeria are playing a very crucial World Cup Finals Qualifiers match against Zimbabwe in Nigeria and I am busy reading your blog and will go on to other blogs while others in the house are gazing at the TV watching the match live.

I prefer to be home blogging than go and watch any sporting activity.
If I want to keep fit, I work out in the house or take a walk.
The number one hobby in my life right now is blogging and it promotes my profession as a writer, music and TV/Film producer. So blogging to me is quality time well spent.
If a sporting event is causing hold up on the road, I wonder how that affects the economic activity in town as those who should be busy spending time doing some quality work are busy watching football, soccer or any other sport.

Imagine the economic contrasts of 20,000 people doing nothing but cheering about 30 people playing football on the pitch. So, 30 people are working, while 20,000 people are just watching them in idle bliss?

Nigeria just scored a goal!
I join others to celebrate the goal and I am back blogging.

Everybody has a price and every price has a prize.

At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boy, I'm in the wrong field, I should be a parking lot attendant


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