Thursday, October 27, 2005

Travel Back Up

I am just back from California visiting head office. I lost most of my day today traveling. Usually I do the red eye which also causes a different type of time/productivity loss. So I guess I need a transporter to beam me around to be truly efficient.

I like the actual flying time (the lines and security etc. I could do without). I use it to read mostly but also to plan and think. Without flying, I doubt I would get all my trade journals read.

What I find when I am away from the office, things back up on me. Arriving in the evening like tonight helps because I can get through a lot without interruption.

Even though I am live on email and voicemail while traveling, there are some things that just don't get done. I am working on my systems to become more efficient while on the road so less things back up. So rather than offer you a tip - what tips do you have on how I might not have as many things back up on me while I am out?


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