Saturday, June 04, 2005

The power of How.

Today I am at my sales retreat at Kingbridge Centre in King city. Beautiful facility.

The day started with a scheduled run at 6:45 in light rain. I was disappointed with the turn out but I did say it was optional so really cannot blame anyone. Maybe I need to use the How question to get more people out. Ask “how could I get 30 people out to the morning run”.

I am a bit of a business philosopher. Last night at the intro address I tried to share one of my philosophies – the Power of How. I have solved many challenges by asking How. How could I do X?

We had an awesome hypnotist last night – Boris the Incredible. I have not laughed that hard in months. It got me thinking about the parts of our brain and how little we use our intelligence.

When I ask my How questions, often the answer does not come to me immediately. Often it comes when I am not thinking of it. What I have done by asking the question is to plant the seed and my unconscious mind goes about solving it. My mind also becomes more aware and open to solutions.

I am careful not to get stuck in the over analysis of the Why. Why is important – so I can learn from things but I try not to dwell on it. If I ask Why we cannot sell X – I will find an answer and start believing it. If I ask How can we sell X – I will also get an answer but in this case it will be a useful one.

I find I am more successful if I ask the right questions.

Off to sessions…


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