Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Top 10 list

I am preparing for my sales retreat this weekend. 150+ reps, product managers etc fly in from Friday night to Sunday to get energized for the coming year. This is my first one with SYNNEX. I have done 25 with EMJ but this one is different. Many of the reps I do not know well yet.

In preparing my slides, I am trying to distill my most important wisdom. One slide I have is on the power of How. We need to always ask How can we sell XXX by YYY? How can we ship X% more with the same resources etc. Answering this question can often lead to good anwers. The act of asking is half the battle.

I am also sharing with the team my top 10 list. My top 10 priorities. By sharing these, I not only hope to get support for them, I hope to inspire them to have their own top 10 list. My rules on the top 10 list:

1 - I must spend at least an hour each week on each of these.

2 - I spend an hour each week looking at the list and breaking down tasks that flow from the list.

3 - I keep it highly visible as I work each day. This helps to keep me focussed on what is important.

Will be a good weekend. I am sure I will come away with tons of notes and enough action to keep me busy for weeks.


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