Friday, June 03, 2005

Unique Ability

Unique Ability

That is the title of the book I am working on right now. Great book by Catherine Nomura and Julia Waller. I say working on because I have already read the book but is one of those books that you have to do the exercises to get the value.

The theory is “the more you know yourself, the more you can spend time in your unique ability area and the happier, more productive and the more value you can add”. I like the theory and believe in it.

The exercise is to ask the people that know me well to give me their input on what they think my unique talents, abilities and characteristics are and to use these to synthesize a unique ability statement about myself.

I have to say the responses I have had are humbling. I really need to live up to a lot to live up to what people think of me.

This book hits me at the right time. Since I sold to SYNNEX and changed roles from running the smaller company to the larger one, I often find myself in areas that are not my strengths.

My challenge is to figure out how best to add value while at the same time fitting within the SYNNEX culture or where appropriate to help mould the culture into a better one. The biggest challenge I face is moulding corporate culture but that could be a topic of a full blog itself.

Unique ability is a theory developed and perfected by Dan Sullivan of Dan has developed a great consulting company based a lot on this principle. I like a lot about what Dan teaches but have a conflict with one of his ideas – to take lots of time off. One of my unique abilities is boundless energy and high work ethic and taking time off conflicts with the work ethic part. Also my success and industry demands high availability.

I would welcome anyone emailing me any input on my unique abilities as I build this profile for myself


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