Monday, May 30, 2005

Write your own book

I do not mean write a book for you to publish or even be read by others. I am not even talking about a journal where you record your feelings etc (although I happen to be a big advocate of journaling as well and even have that as one of my time tips that I will share later). What I mean is get a blank bound book and write your success notes in it.

What I do as I read, attend seminars, listen to audio programs is I make notes in my book. Over time, my book(s) become the best book for me to read. It is a summary of the information from the material I absorb. I also will often write original ideas I get that are inspired by the information I am taking in.

I have developed a series of codes for myself to speed up the writing and to allow me to easily pick information from those books. For example, I write “JE orig” beside any original idea I have. I have symbols and acronyms for book summary, audio, seminar, goals, etc. Make your own.

I use my book to keep goals in. I have kept the same section in my book for goals for years and just keep adding ideas to it. Especially for the lifetime goals. I figure I do not have to do all of them but having them in one place makes it easy to review when I periodically review them.

So why share this tip now? I thought you could start the idea now and use it while you read this blog.


At 7:21 AM, Anonymous Garima said...

Great ! thanks Jim for a good advise, our own book helps a lot to achieve goals more then others experience books. I have taken notes for my work, why this idea din't came to my mind? It's OK now i got it so i will start it right now. Thanks for Sharing


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