Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Leaders are Readers

I have always known reading was good and audiobooks are great.  I have also known TV can often cut into reading time.  It can be so much of a temptation that I do not even own a TV.  A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine underscored how important reading is.

I have always been an efficiency person so recently have be reading book summaries on  I can easily consume 3-4 books in under an hour there.

I recently read They Ask - You Answer by Marcus Sheridan on    It is about social media.  As the title suggests, he advocates simply answering the questions people ask.  And spending the time to answer them well.

As part of the Danby Appliances closed loop system, we recently added FAQ's to our spec sheets.  So when a customer calls and asks "how long is the power cord?"  We answer it but add it to the FAQ.  Over time, we will likely have less questions and we hope to have happier customers since the information they want is easily available.

Closed loop refers to the loop of customer service (comes from calls, emails, chats, social media, reviews and actual products returned).  Solve the problem but also figure out how to make it so no one else has the same problem.  See the last blog post

Most people know my dislike for complex language.  Thought this interview from an up and coming business might interest.

There is genius in simplification.

So who do you think will get ahead most - the ones looking cute or the ones working the hardest?


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