Sunday, June 24, 2018

Stream: Hack your Consciousness

I often use books or audio books to inspire me to get into flow.  To be creative.

My most recent audiobook was Stream: Hack your Consciousness by John Klymshyn and Issac Naor.  I know Klymshyn from the time I lived in NY.  He is a great speaker and overall nice guy (the sort of guy you say "I could spend time with him and enjoy it")

This book's stated goal is to help you be creative, productive and get into flow.  It starts with tricks like gathering the tools needed (for me it is usually just a pen and paper), creating the setting (my productivity chair), setting goals (good reminder) then just starting (one of the simplest, most obvious but most overlooked tool) and working until the results happen.

The book talks a lot about creativity.  I am not creative in the artsy way - as in not musical or painting (although I have painted a lot of houses ... but not sure that is the same thing though).  I do realize I am highly creative in the organization of business systems, negotiations and guerrilla marketing (I even thought our last press release was hilarious - see this.  It was an example of Danby Appliances tagging on to a news trend - and at the same time showing we do not take ourselves too seriously.)

The audiobook is like a podcast - a conversation between 2 creative people.  They play off each other - expanding ideas.

I usually listen to audios at 170% of speed.  These guys talk fast enough, I could listen at 130% and not be bored.

This would be a great book to listen to as a warm up for solving the "big" challenge.  Or just to get inspired to be productive and creative.

I liked it.
I thought this article by the co-founder of Primal Fusion was a good article on entrepreneurship and purpose.

Someone once said:

"Business people build companies - entrepreneurs change the world."


Nothing like the thrill of baking:


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