Sunday, March 11, 2018

Clocks and Life Forward

I had a wasted day yesterday.  Or perhaps a better way of looking at it was I relaxed and recharged.  One article I read (while wasting time reading) was on how much time we waste reading and how so much of it is pointless.

I do know reading politics these days is stressful (even though I do not do politics) and mostly pointless.

I have never been more excited by what we are doing at Danby Appliances.  We have a lot of innovation happening.  One new product is the Danby Fresh herb grower - an appliance that allows people to grow wheat grass, cilantro, parsley, lettuce, basil etc indoors all year.  And a great plant starter.

Being excited by work is one of the best ways to have energy.
Here is an interesting NPR article on job automation.  The job issue is a complex one.  I believe in the value of work and the respect that comes from being able to earn a living.  I also believe in free markets.

I like the gig economy (things like Uber, AirBnb) that allows people to earn extra money.  I worry though when those are the only jobs people have and can they get by on those.

And in the end, I believe in entrepreneurship and think people should be allowed to start and run businesses.


In the spirit of moving the clocks forward, I thought I would share this article on sleep.  One of the regrets I have from my first book on Time Leadership is I suggested sleeping less was a good idea for productivity.  I now disagree with that.

I like new years.  I reflect and change.  Clock change time is also a good time for that.  I reflect on what habits (good and bad) I have and changes needed.  I work out quite a bit but am thinking I could always up my game.  Sitting here blogging might be my way of avoiding getting to the gym (although I am dressed to go and all packed which is one of my tricks to make it happen)

And a book suggestion  - American Kingpin, The Epic Hunt for the Criminal Mastermind Behind the Silk Road – Nick Bilton

I found it to be a page turner.

Hopefully not to give you business ideas - but just for interest. 

From a trip a while ago - my grand daughter - Tabitha.


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