Monday, November 14, 2011

Speed Reading, Steve Jobs etc

The garden continues to be prolific (despite snow a couple of weeks ago). The carrots could not be sweeter. Leeks are great. Parsley has even come back strong.

The picture of an orange (I did not grow that), an Apple (also did not grow it) and a tiny but cute pumpkin(that I did grow).


A friend recently suggested that we have a reading speed contest. Upon reflection, I am not sure I read that fast (although I am a big fan of Speed Reading). What I do well is filter. So if a book (or article)is well organized or if I can organize it, I can pull out the key points quickly.

Why don't I think I read particularly fast? I am reading Steve Job's biography which I find compelling and interesting (and largely accurate from what I know). But the reading is slow. The reason could be partly that I am savouring it but it is partly because of the nature of it. I am not trying to glean knowledge, mostly it is for interest. And as I read it, I am aware that I do not read as much for interest as I once did (although I still love my business books and find them interesting - just in a different way).

And in reality, it may not be about reading speed but reading well.


My book is out. Ok - not my book but I did contribute a chapter to James Bowen's book - Entrepreneurial Effect - stories by entrepreneurs in the Waterloo region. I look forward to reading the full book.


I have always been a fan of failure as in the fail forward type of failure. My Fail Often, Fail Fast, Fail Cheap is often quoted.

There is a good article in Forbes on how to turn failure into success.

I wrote a blog post on the Canrock blog on why VCs do not sign NDAs.


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