Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Planning in Advance

I have been following the collusion allegations about super angels with amusement. It started with an article in Tech Crunch Occasionally I invest as an angel. 95% of the time I co-invest with other angels or VCs. So I often meet with other angels.

Collusion simply cannot happen when there are too many players. There are thousands of Angels and VCs. I guess if there is a concern, the entrepreneur should shop their opportunity to a few different places. I would not want to invest in any entrepreneur that was not savvy enough to do that.

It is smart for Angels to talk to each other. We often need expertise, contacts or knowledge that they might have. Yes we influence each other. Hopefully we are able to use collective intelligence to be better investors.

I even joined an Angel network in NY (Goldenseeds) in order to tap into the great energy/knowledge etc. I love Goldenseeds. Lots of bright minds wanting to contribute and help. Amazing talent and energy. Nice too. What do we do? Sit around and talk about investee companies. And yes, this includes valuation. It also includes a lot more like how to help them win.


I know it is redundant to say planning in advance since by nature, planning is done is advance. Still, it is what I call one system I use to keep on track.

I find I accomplish more and stay on track more if I spend 15 minutes at the start of the day planning what I need to do. Like many things in life, it seems obvious but it works.

I find I do not eat well when I am on the road so planning in advance really works well. Rather than just pick up a menu when I sit down to dinner, I have already decided what I will have.

I use this to plan my workout. I like to write exactly what I am going to do. Look for barriers. Figure out when I am going to do it. For example, today I am going to run 5 miles before dinner. And if I am feeling good, continue to 10K. I am not going to go for speed - just distance so it will take me 40 minutes or a bit longer.

Like any goal, I try to be very specific.


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