Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More Time For You

I am wondering if virtual will overtake live in the world of learning/conferences. I know they are more time and carbon efficient.

Sept 28th there is a virtual summit "On-Demand Computing: Soaring with the Cloud". They have an awesome lineup of speakers. Cloud and SAAS are both hot. From their promo materials:

a four-and-half-hour global summit on cloud computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology, specifically tailored to the concerns of high-growth enterprises. We have assembled a comprehensive roster of industry experts and thought leaders (details attached), for a deep dive into SaaS. We’ll address everything from when to turn to an On-Demand solution, to how to evaluate vendors, to case studies of companies that have successfully implemented SaaS solutions.


I read a great book "More Time for You - A Powerful System to Organize Your Work and Get Things Done" by Rosemary Tator and Alesia Latson.

You would think since I wrote my own book on Time Management that I would be critical of other books on the subject but actually the opposite is the case. I love Time Management books. I always figure I can glean a few more ideas. And I think reviewing "what I know I should do" keeps me more on track.

There was a good section on ADD. How our busy world, email, voicemail etc makes us ADD. It talked about brain overload. The section reminded me that there is power in focus. Multitasking does not increase productivity - it decreases it.

There was a section the the "weekly" review. Setting aside a time to review goals and tasks. One thing I can add to my weekly review is "clearing my brain". They suggest an exercise to "clear" yourself so you can get more from the review. Good idea.

There were lots of quotes (and everyone knows I like Motivational Business Quotes)

"The challenge is in the moment - the time is always now" James Baldwin

"Reality is but an allusion - albeit a persistent one" Albert Einstein

"If a person knows not what harbor, any wind is the right wind" Seneca

"The shortest pencil has the longest memory" Old Proverb

There was quite a section on using tools like outlook to keep organized. Nothing revolutionary for me but a good primer for someone new to the topic.

Good book. Read it and all the time management books you can get your hands on.


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