Monday, October 26, 2009

The 25 Hour Day and Sleep

One Success Habit that many people sent me for my book (and I need more so email me your Success Habits at jimestill at gmail) is Rise Early.

The problem is that another Success Habit is "get enough sleep" (not too much but not too little either). So if you want to wake early, you need to go to bed early.

I see a tendency among many people (myself included) to stretch the day by staying up. It seems many of us have a 25 hour clock - not 24 hours. If the sun did not tell us when we were supposed to be awake, we would continually progress an hour later every day. Shifting the whole day.

I wonder if there have been any studies done in caves to see if this is the normal cycle for people.

Tricks I use to get to bed earlier (note that I don't say early since I still usually stay up later than many people).

1 - I have no TV. TV can be mindless but still stimulating enough to keep people awake.

2 - Avoid chemical stimulants. Caffeine is the obvious one to avoid - especially later in the day.

3 - I tell myself "it is only in the last 200 years that people have had light so if it is dark out, I need to consider sleeping". And a dark room to sleep helps.

4 - Exercise early in the day. I find it hard to sleep if I am not exercising or if I work out too close to bedtime.

5 - Just do it. I find if I go to bed, I do sleep. Getting there is the first step.

6 - I plan it. Just like anything. Planning helps to keep things on track.

I am always fascinated by marketing. I saw an interesting YouTube video that has a lot of good internet stats. It caught my attention as a great use of YouTube in a marketing campaign. I have long been of the belief that marketing needs multiple media and YouTube would be just one of those. One I have not used much yet.

And some networking for some of the companies I have invested in:

Interesting to see how Postrank is rising. Great for blog importance

If you spend more then $50/month on conf calls and webex save here.


At 8:38 AM, Blogger FRANCESCA said...

My mother used to come into my sister's and my room, pull the covers off and say rather loudly "ok girls, rise and shine, bed's for lazy people" lol..we used to hate this with a passion, but we got up! My father used to say " successful people get up early" He had his own successful business and was up at the crack of dawn so I certainly agree with that mind thought.

My problem is I'm late to bed and early to rise but for some reason I function very well. It works for me.(so far)I have this notion in my head that sleeping is a waste of time, but I do understand the importance of getting enough rest.

My early morning begins with pilates and meditation. I have no window treatments because I love the view of all the trees(especially during this season of colour), I drink coffee right up until bedtime, sometimes espresso too. But I don't watch TV. It is mindless. Maybe that's what saves me! :)

At 11:45 AM, Blogger Patricia Romboletti said...


Thanks for the link to the YouTube video. Stats were amazing.

You already know how I feel about eliminating the TV. It not only adds so much time, it also improves the quality of your thinking during the extra time.

I never miss you posts! Thank you.

Pat Romboletti

At 10:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jim. Take a look at the article below:

About two pages down is a recap of what happens to sleep cycles in the absence of daylight cues – people tend to move to a 25 hour cycle.

One of my sons suffered from a clinical sleep disorder so I had the “opportunity” to learn something about sleep (and the many disorders). I think you'll find the link useful.

At 10:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jim. You nailed this one. Numerous studies do indeed show that people
have a natural, 25 hour circadian rhythm.

BTW, this book might provide additional background information for you.


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