Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Marketing - Saachi

I am enjoying this speed blogging. That said, it is more like reporting than analysing and providing "deep thoughts". There is not much time to put a lot of thought into things.

Kevin Roberts was the next speaker. Saatchi, the ad agency, CEO (6000 employees in 86 countries). He is also a successful author with books including Lovemarks: the Future of Brands. Like all the speakers, he is a very impressive person. Some gems from his talk.

Power and therefore marketing has moved from Brands (Coke, Ford, etc.) to the big retailers like Walmart, Staples etc. to the consumer. And now the consumer has less money that they had a year ago.

There is a new frugality.

1 - face the truth

2 -Reframe. People still buy luxury but they buy

3 - Measure only what matters. "Much of the research is money down the toilet." Figure out how people are feeling

4 - We are in participation economy. Do people love your products and spread the word for you?

"It all comes down to value. Deliver priceless value, improve lives, bring joy."

"80% of buying is done on emotions."

"Don't yell at consumers"

"Let emotions rip"

As would be expected, he used a lot of videos - advertisements mostly. Mostly entertaining.


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Your favorite ad that he showed?


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