Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Time Management is Mostly About Energy Management

Time Management is more about energy management than just how time is spent. If we increase our energy, we increase our productivity. So one of the things I work on is increasing my energy.

I am a big advocate of time tracking to determine high and low energy times.

One of my readers sent me an email saying he was having problems with low energy after lunch. My response:

This is one of most common energy problems that most people have. Solve that one and you could make a fortune. Some simple ideas:

1 - Eat lightly at lunch. I am not an advocate of low carb diets but think lunch should be low carb, healthy and light.

2 - Exercise increases metabolism. When you are tired, go for a brisk 5 minute walk. I originally learned this one when trying to work the day I flew in on a red eye. It is the toughest run I ever do but I would force myself to run for an hour when I landed. Usually kept me up for most of the day. I also know that from working out too late at night. if I run at 9 PM, I cannot get to sleep until 1 or later.

3 - I try to plan to do low energy tasks during low energy periods. Things that need to get done but do not require high creativity or thought.

4 - Schedule a meeting or phone call. Keep it lively and you are likely to stay alert.

5 - Fake it until you are through it. Acting energetic is one of the best ways to be energetic.

6 - Be inspired. I find when I work on things I am inspired by, I have more energy. Find your inspiration.

Good luck with it.

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At 4:33 AM, Blogger Ismael D. Tabije said...

I largely disagree on the equation time management = energy management. In today's world, there are always too many things to do. But we can't do them all, no matter how much energy we put into each 24-hour day.

We just need to prioritize what we can do, and forget about the rest. Have a life...

Ismael D. Tabije


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