Saturday, March 11, 2006

Naked Conversations

I am still in Vegas on the SYNNEX executive quarterly review. I always come away from these reviews with new ideas - often more than I can implement. The review makes me realize how little I know and how much I have to do still to make us excllent.

On the Flight down, I read Naked Coversations by Shel Isreal and Robert Scoble. I had heard Shel speak at the Association of Internet Marketers. I always like reading books from authors I have heard speak.

It is an excellent book. I am passionate about business blogs. I truly believe they have value for a business. The book re-affirms this. Naked Coversations is easy to read, fast and well organized. It combines advice on blogging (and why blogs help companies) with stories of real bloggers.

Blogs have dangers but those dangers tend to be over rated. Not blogging is a greter danger. As I have said many times, blogs are a new media. Companies that ignore it do so at great peril. At the same time, blogs cannot be blatant self or company promotion - readers (and other bloggers see right through that and can decimate a company).

This book ranks an 8 out of 10 on the Jim Estill Scale (and I am a tough marker). How do I know if a book is good? If I make a change as a result. I turned off word verification on my blog to make it easier to comment (I still review all comments and don't let spam through but am trying to make it easier to have a conversation). I get twice as many emails as comments on my blog as a result of my blog. The book drives home that comments and coversations are good.

I also know a book is good if I buy multiple copies for people that I think should read it. And in this case I did.


At 9:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many CEO tend to talk a good game, it's good to see one who's "walking the walk". I'm enjoying your blog and the great presentation you gave last week.


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