Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Viral Impact of Internet marketing

I have had a lot of press on the internet lately. This has exploded my blog traffic.

The Globe article from a few weeks ago was big. Most recently, the Forbes interview which was also picked up by Yahoo Finance.

Of course the RIM Settlement with NTP drove a lot of readers looking for inside scoop since I am on the RIM board. I will write something more sometime on it but not yet.

I also have had a number of my articles picked up on various sites. The most successful one (when measured in the number of sites which picked it up) which I republished as "12 Ways to Maximize Time and Life" has been picked up by no less than 33 different sites including DailyIndia, Ezine, Articlesbase, Life Organizers, Postive Articles, Articles Beyond Better, ESL Teachers board, Andhimazhai (interesting because half the site is in a language I do not recognize (perhaps Arabic))and more (you can do your own Google search to get the rest).

Guerilla versus Gorilla which I thought was a better article was only picked up by 12 sites. "Efficient Blogging" was picked up by 21 sites. "The Top 10 Ways To Grow Your Small Business" was picked up by 19 sites. "Good Ways To Procrastinate And When Procrastination Might Be Good" was picked up by 18 sites. "9 ways to Network Easily" was picked up by 29 sites. "How to write an Article in 20 minutes" was picked up 24 times. "The 10 rules of Blogging" was picked up 10 times.

I am thinking the article title is important in getting picked up. I also think it has to do with the length of time the article is out there.

I am trying to figure out the value of that many sites picking up the articles. As with most things, I am not sure it is just quantity, it has to do with quality. I am thinking about the quality of the readers and for that matter how many readers each site actually has. I know with paper press, an article in a national newspaper like the Globe is read way more often than a small Chamber of Commerce newsletter. The same is definitely true on the internet since a small blog with 25 readers can pick up an article or Forbes which has thousands of readers can run something.

At the same time, I am impressed with the viral nature of the internet.


At 4:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your book review section of the Forbes interview was great. Today I forwarded your blog to my classmates in my Authors and Institutions class (Prof. Heather Murray, University of Toronto). We studied blogs today, and I thought it might be relevant. I've asked my classmates to come up with questions relating to your blog, and I'll compile them and send them to you next week and if you want you could answer them in the form of a blog entry. Would that be cool?

At 4:36 PM, Blogger Jim Estill said...

Get me the list, I certainly will post it.


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