Wednesday, March 08, 2006

How I use my travel time

I am in the airport lounge about to fly to Vegas for the SYNNEX quarterly executive meeting.

I use my flight time to get caught up on trade journals. I take a huge stack to the lounge and quickly flip through them and rip out the articles of interest. This way I reduce the pile from 5 KG to perhaps 50 pages.

I also bring books.

I do have an iPod with tons of audio books on it.

I take a notebook and sometimes do email (although this time, I am up to date so likley will not).

I always have my RIM for short emails as well (although don't worry, I obediently turn off the radio while flying).

I always carry a note pad to take notes. Often I am inspired by what I read and so I write my ideas. I find a long flight is often the perfect venue for me to collect my thoughts and flesh out plans.

I actually treasure my travel time (although I could live without the lines through security etc). No interruptions. Solitary time - its good.


At 1:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds similar to the kind of things that I would normally do but moreso I like reading and having some soft music playing on my ipod. In terms of what I read it could be, a novel, a book on life philosophy or even just some articles I print off the net. But I find it better to travel on a train or plane rather than driving because with driving you can't get anything else done whereas on a train or a plane you can put the travel time to good use!


At 11:53 PM, Blogger sea said...

Funny how we all have things we like to do during our travel time, like a routine unto itself that becomes enjoyable for the time we are afforded to do things we may not always devote time to in our everyday lives. And you blogged! Good for you!


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