Thursday, February 23, 2006

6 Ways To Lead The Best Life You Possibly Can

I did my time management seminar this morning with about 50 people. Good group. I was inspired to set an even better example. In keeping with efficiency, I found this article on the internet that I thought was excellent (and it saves me time and I need to get back to my classroom (see the last point in the article):

6 Ways To Lead The Best Life You Possibly Can

By: Dan Preston

For most of us our daily lives seem to repeat day after day with little or no noticeable change. In the morning you get up, commute to work, come home, go to sleep exhausted and then start the whole process over again the next day.

The only thing really happening is were all getting older.

While preoccupied with our daily routines, we sometimes fall into a trap where we really don’t care or realize that there is a world full of excitement just waiting to be discovered.

It is now time to change your outlook and pull yourself out of the daily rut called life...

1) Face Your Fears – There are not many people in this world that like to do things outside of their comfort zone.

Whether it be a fear of pain, fear of failure or whatever it may be, in order to grow as a person we all need to step out of that comfort zone and push ourselves to do more so we can become more as an individual.

2) Treat Others As You Would Like To Be Treated – This is such an old saying that has been repeated time and time again, but unfortunately its one that is not practiced often enough. Far too often we lash out at others because something is not happening in our favor or we let greed get the best of us.

So the next time your about to let off steam or do something you know is wrong, try to pause for a second and just think how you would feel if someone were about to do the same to you. It is hoped that you will see more clearly and choose a more compassionate approach when dealing with problems.

3) Don’t Blame Others For Where You Are In Life – As hard as it may be to accept, everyone is where they are in life because of the decisions they make from day to day. It is far too easy to put the blame on others for our troubles and misfortunes when in fact we are in certain predicaments because we have allowed ourselves to be pulled into them in the first place.

The next time your looking to pin the blame on someone else for the troubles you are having, try and be constructive in your thoughts to overcome the obstacle in front of you and accept the situation at hand as a learning experience.

4) Look For And Bring Out The Good In People – When involved with people in our daily lives it is way too easy to pick out a persons faults or wrong doings which in turn always seem to overshadow the good.

The next time your dealing with someone that you really just don’t care to strongly about and for whatever reason it may be, try changing your attitude to a positive one and attempt to shift the mood by being kind and courteous to them in hopes they will see their faults and in turn give you the same respect that you deserve.

5) Be A Giver – A person’s greatness is measured by what they do or give to other people in need, while not expecting anything in return.

No matter if you just give your time, knowledge, or a helping hand, the gratification of knowing you did a good deed should be reward enough for someone who is a true giver.

6) View Life As A Giant Classroom – Everyday you wake up treat it as if it were your last chance to learn about the things you want to know about.

View the people you work or interact with as your classmates and no matter how little it may seem, all have some kind of life lesson you can use to develop into the person you want to be.

About the Author: Dan spends alot of time working on his internet ventures. He currently has a T-Shirt store at and an ebook store at


At 12:55 PM, Blogger sea said...

Excellent post. Very well taken points that all of us can certainly incorporate into our lives, regardless of out own individual circumstances.

At 3:37 PM, Blogger diet dilemma magmem style said...

Good guide lines to live by. Improve your knowledge more than your intelligence and you can get through everything with the confidence and assurance to press on.


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