Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Quarterly Executive Meetings

I am just off the redeye back from California.

I was in executive meetings for Sunday (focusing on Canada), Monday and Tuesday. These are very detailed numbers reviews. Each time I attend one, I realize I need to get even more detailed than I am.

I always learn a lot and get ideas that we can implement. I always consider when I travel – did I pay for my trip? Actually I have to do a lot more than pay for any trip. I often think in terms of turn key costs. What does it cost to turn the key in the morning (IE daily expense). It is my responsibility to earn not only this but a small profit. In this case – absolutely I covered the overhead plus some.

But it is not all numbers. There was some good healthy debate around employee, customer and vendor satisfaction. I am gratified that the whole company is beginning to focus on excellence. Of course this is a process and nothing is instant. But like anything, continual focus will cause improvements.

The only challenge when I travel is I tend to fall behind. Especially when I miss my weekend like this past one. So best get at it.

Like the Indian proverb say "the best way to cross the river is to cross the river" or as the Nike proverb says "Just do it".


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