Monday, September 05, 2005

I will dream Tomatoes and the 5th Power Tip

Sunday was a lazy day. No work out. Minor household chores (but not enough). Read lots though. Elizabeth ran/cycled a Duathlon (and won 3rd in her age) on Saturday but was not as tired as me and still went on a run.

Today, Elizabeth and I helped can 10 bushels of tomatoes. We are friends with an older Italian couple who as tradition invite a group over to make tomato sauce. Fun social time and enough tomato sauce for the winter.

Ran 5 K. Still feeling sluggish from the triathlon.

Now I am spending time on my goals. This is something I do quite frequently but there are 2 special times of year – New Years and now that feel like new beginnings so I spend an extra amount of time on them. I have a book that I keep my goals in. Reviewing them tends to keep me on track. It helps me come up with action plans on what the next steps are.

For me, I only work on 4-5 goals at once. Any goal that I am not prepared to spend at least an hour per week on cannot be a real goal. I constantly drop and add goals to my list as things are accomplished or become habits.

If you want to get from Toronto to Kingston, you will get there faster if you check a map first than by just driving 150K/hour.

This is my 5th Power Time Tip. Replace your clock with a compass. It is better to know the direction you want to go than to try to move quickly. Effectiveness is more important than efficiency. It is more important to work on the right thing than to simply work quickly.


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