Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Jim's 3 Second Rule of Marketing

I get a lot of email.  And I think the digital world has shortened my attention span.  I lack tolerance for long emails - especially if someone is trying to sell to me.  So I recommend a 3 second rule.  If a marketing email cannot be read in 3 seconds, it is too long.

In 2009, I wrote a guest blog for my friend Hilary Topper praising short succinct writing.  I still stand my those thoughts.

So that is my 3 second blog for today.

Ok - tough to stop at just 3 seconds.  As a leader, I think lack of attention span and focus and be detrimental.  The biggest impact a leader can have is by spending long, high focus periods on high priority tasks.

If we flit too much and do not go deep, we can never add our greatest value.


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