Monday, December 31, 2018

How to set New Years Resolutions

This is a time of year that I reflect on the past and plan the future.

I am in the office today but have a surprisingly low number of meetings, calls and emails so I am getting a lot done.  It makes me realize how busy I usually am.

Some ideas I use when setting resolutions:

1 - Most resolutions are broken.  Not because of a lack of desire but because of a lack of action planning. Yes, the ultimate goal is important but mostly that is a result of actions so I tend to focus on the actions and activities that will yield the result.

2 - Daily habits are the friend of goal achievement.  I focus on what habits I have.  The reason I prefer daily habits is they are easier than 3 times per week or some other measure.  Habits beat self discipline (yes - they are used together but habits make self discipline easy)

3 - There is a concept a friend once told me of plug/unplug.  Think of your time as a power outlet strip.  Every socket has a plug in it.  To plug something else in, something has to be unplugged.  So as I plan my 2019, I need to look at what things I will not do or do less of.

4 - Many people (myself included) come up with resolutions that require "just doing it".  Those are the ones that get broken.  To have a resolution that just requires self discipline does not usually work.  Work the systems and process needed to support the self discipline needed.

5 - Much of goal achievement has to do with time management.  But most time management is really not a time management issue - it is energy management.  I cannot increase the time available but there are things I can do to increase the energy I have.  And I can use my energy on the right things.

6 - Most time management problems are not time management issues they are priority issues.  So setting priorities is part of the key.

So 2019 is the year I will work smarter - not just harder.  I will work on higher priority items and use my energy well.

Good luck with your resolutions and Happy New Year to all.


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