Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The One Thing

 I read an awesome book - "The One Thing - The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results" by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. (yes that is the way the authors list their name - perhaps I should speak to my partners at Canrock and see if they would mind if we did that on the Canrock website.)

So the gist of the book is very simple.  Focus wins.

Of course I have a problem with focus.  I tend to juggle lots of balls.  But then I started to think - perhaps part of it for me is definition.  EG - perhaps I do focus a lot on business even though that means doing a lot of things on different companies.

He talks about the well known myth of multitasking.

He also had a chapter on the Disciplined Life (the message is it is not discipline that you need - it is good habits).

He has a chapter on the 4 thieves of productivity.  I agree with 3 of them:

1 - Inability to say "no".  (I really try but often still say yes in times of weakness)

2 - Fear of Chaos. (this is the one I am not sure I agree with.  Order really helps productivity.  I greatly dislike not being able to find something. Being organized helps me focus on the important.  Of course I liked that this was one of the thieves though since it made me feel a bit better about some of the things in my life that feel disorganized.  I do agree that over organized or over cleaned compulsiveness would not help productivity.)

3 - Poor Health Habits

4 - Environment Doesn't support your goals.  (We all know how important environment is.  In this chapter he speaks of "choose your friends and who you spend time with")

It really is a great book.  Lots of research that support the conclusions.


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