Wednesday, June 12, 2013

World Innovation Forum - The Pressure to be Insightful

I am spending the day in NYC at World Innovation Forum.  I am a "blogger" so get to sit in the press gallery.  At the same time, there is high pressure to be insightful in Tweets (#wif2013) and Blogs.  And there will be lots of blog posts today.

I spend some of my time on short term issues and some on longer term.  I consider going to a seminar day like today as a "long term" use of time.  It inspires me. 

Being outside of my usual busy day allows me to reflect.  And having speakers to inspire thought is a great way to do it.  I have some of my best ideas on days like this.  And increasingly I realize that one of my primary strengths is creativity and ideas.  I am a big believer that my greatest value happens when I spend time in my primary strength areas.  And polishing strengths is a great way to gain competitive advantage.

The event is put on by WOBI - short for World of Business Ideas.  They know how to put on a good event.  The speaker line up is impressive:

Mauro Porcini - Design Thinker at 3M.  He is speaking now.  He is a good energetic speaker to start the day.

Michael Martin- Marketing and Strategy (a high interest topic for me)

Rebecca Henderson - (Co-director of the Business and Environment Initiative at Harvard)  Building sustainable Organizations

Daniel Pink (one of my favorite authors/thinkers)

And lots more.


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