Thursday, May 02, 2013

From Smart to Wise

Prasad Kaipa and Nvi Radjou wrote "From Smart to Wise - Acting and Leading With Wisdom". 

I have long sought wisdom so jumped at a chance to read the book.  One of my favorite expressions is "wisdom is learning from other peoples' mistakes".  

Wisdom is like corporate culture.  It causes right decisions to be made.  It allows for superior insight.

The first chapter seemed unnecessary.  It talked about why wisdom is important.   I suspect people who do not know that would not be reading the book (although that is true of many things).  People who need to know something are the last ones to seek to learn it.

It did point out that all of us have wisdom and can develop more of it.  It is not some mysterious spiritual or religious thing that only a few can approach.

The second chapter spoke of connecting with your noble purpose.  When put that way, it empowers us.  Wisdom comes from acting with that higher purpose in mind.

There was a chapter on "know when to hold and when to fold".  Knowing what is important enough to fight for vs what is not.  

The final chapter was on finding your wisdom.  Find your wisdom logic.

One wisdom I knew was reinforced by the book.  Hire people with good character and teach them skills.  People with skills and poor character are very difficult to change and lead.

Smartness is important but is increasingly insufficient.  Ethical clarity and authenticity are needed to thrive.

My suggestion if you seek wisdom - read the book.


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