Monday, May 28, 2012

Random thoughts

I am having Blogger guilt.  I have not posted for a while.

I have been traveling and despite my best efforts to be productive on the road, I am always a bit less productive.  Travel is inefficient regardless how it is done.

Canrock Ventures is investing in Hyperdrive - a sprint start up program.


The garden is lush.  Still eating asparagus, lots of strawberries, a bit of rhubarb (plants are not well established yet so not picking much) and tonight - beet greens (just thinning the beets).  I love beet greens and thought they were a delicacy until I served them to a guest and discovered they are an acquired taste.

My time saving gardening technique of the day - pull weeds with 2 hands at once.  Works great when weeds are as lush as they are here.

I am fighting an attack by cucumber beetles.  Not on cucumbers (not growing them this year) but on the squash, pumpkin, zucchini, and melons.  I try of garden organically so have been picking them off by hand.  I also just planted some radishes in the hills and spread some onion skins around the plants (these were all ideas on the internet).


Still reading lots.  One non-business one that was moving is Behind Our Doors by Bill Butt (who I loosely knew when growing up).  This is the true story of Esther Warmerdam, a Dutch Catholic child during WWII and how her family smuggled and hid hundreds of Jews.

And of course Josh is growing like the weeds.


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