Monday, May 07, 2012

Niche can be a Competitive Advantage

I have been a niche player all of my life.   I choose small markets and learn to be dominant in them.    I prefer to be big in a small market.

Working in a niche allows focus on specialties.  The more you do of the same specialty, the easier, cheaper and faster you get.

As I grow, the niches get bigger and bigger.   Just because you are a niche player does not mean you need to be small.

I wrote a blog entry on the Canrock blog called "A Fat Wallet is the Enemy of High Investment Returns" (this is a Warren Buffett quote).  In that, I talk about the advantages of being small (like the Canrock Ventures fund).


My 95 year old inlaws just got email for the first time.   They rank among my idols.  My hope is I can keep doing new things into my 90s.

I worry I will need to send them my blog entry on Limit computer usage.   Would not want them to lose productivity.


And back by popular demand - the one and only Josh:


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