Monday, March 05, 2012

Imgur Infographics

I follow trends and one trend I see the the trend towards infographics.

Check out this infographic from Imgur produced by the Gap Partnership on Twitter Tips for Time Management. It includes things like:

1 - best time to tweet to get retweeted is 5 o'clock.

2 - tips like "prior to opening up Twitter, decide how much time you are going to spend on it" (this is a good tip for any "idle" task like Honestlynow, LoadnVote, TV, video games etc.)

3 - Twitter is adding 500,000 users per day. Seems incredible.

4 - Average emails sent and received is up in 2011 to 228 from 142 in 2007.

5 - Set aside "batches of time" to tweet. (another good time management idea - group similar tasks together - means you only sign in once, you are faster because you get into a speed pattern, saves cleanup (if you are doing things like cooking, painting etc.)

Stats courtesy of The Gap Partnership.


At 4:01 PM, Anonymous Peter said...

I don't like how the infographic didn't mention the timezone for the best time to be active on twitter if you want to be retweeted. I did some digging and found the following.

Best time to tweet? 5pm ET Wednesdays. Best time to post on Facebook? Midday Saturdays.

Thanks for sharing Jim


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