Monday, May 16, 2011

Full Engagement by Brian Tracy

I love the feeling of being inspired so I looked forward to reading Brian Tracy's book - Full Engagement - Inspire, Motivate, and Bring Out the Best in Your People.

Brian Tracy is one of the most prolific motivational speakers of our day. He really understands psychology. He bases his work on research. This book like his others is no disappointment.

The statistics of engagement are staggering and the return from increasing the engagement of staff is huge. Salary costs are usually the biggest expense for most businesses. Increasing the efficiency of this spend makes total sense.

The book starts with a concept that happiness increases engagement. He has a list of 25 ways to be spread happiness. Things like smile more, praise generously when warranted, listen etc.

People work better if they have high self esteem. A great leader works hard on increasing the self esteem of their staff. Poorly run organizations put in place systems that actually hurt self esteem by trying to catch people doing things wrong instead of things right.

The final chapter has 17 principles to be the best you can be. It starts with "Clarity of purpose" and moves through such things as "single minded focus" and "commit to quality in everything".

It is a good book for anyone wanting to inspire through engagement.

I also liked another book on the topic called The Power of Full Engagement.


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