Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Tell To Win

I have always loved stories. My m0ther is actually a real story teller - as in does it all over the place. And my children can attest to the fact that I have told more than a few stories myself.

So I was interested in Peter Guber's latest book "Tell to Win - Connect, Persuade and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story".

The gist of the message is the best way to communicate (sell, influence, persuade) is through telling a story. Intuitively I know this. Stories have the ability to captivate us, keep us interested and capture our imagination. Vision sells.

One thing I like about stories or speaking of experiences is they tend not to be opinions but they allow people to come to the "right" conclusion.

I like analogies and stories can often be that. Of course stretching analogies too far can "lose" me. For example, I am not a big sports person so comparing a business situation to a sports situation can sometimes be a stretch.

Since the book is about stories, it is told mostly through a series of great stories. Part of what makes the stories great is the real live famous people he tells about. Guber comes from the entertainment business so knows a lot of famous people. Nothing like a bit of fame to juice up a story.

Good book - interesting read.


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