Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Internet for Nonprofits Management

I read a book for Internet for Nonprofits Management-Strategies, Tools & Trade Secrets. So why would I be reading a book about Nonprofits? One of my claims to fame was having 99 consecutive quarters of profit before we sold to Synnex but I suppose it's not about that type of nonprofit.

The book is edited by Philip Geier who is a friend of mine and one of the articles is written by people involved to with Karma411 -John Murcot, Mark Fasciano and Russell Artzt.

The article they wrote was called Social Collaboration and Productivity- How web 2.0 tools help raise funds and awareness more efficiently. And of course I am a big believer in social media and the tools of web 2.0 so I enjoyed the chapter.

As the title implies, the chapter was all about the electronic tools and social media that can be used to help in fund raising efforts.

There was a discussion of project management tools like Computer Associates Clarity, Base camp, Wikis etc. There was also a discussion of real time collaboration tools like Voip, Skype and Goggle Wave.

The chapter not only discusses the tools but used real life example of how those tools were used.

It seems logical to me that nonprofit fund raisers would definitely want to use social media because it's economical and it's easy to use and because what nonprofits need to do is create communities of stakeholders who can feel aligned more with the nonprofit group.

The book would be primarily of interest to people who are in the nonprofit fund raising field which includes many business people as most business people are involved some point or another in some philanthropy.

Much of what is discussed though also applies to any business or marketing effort, for example there is a chapter on effective web page design, e-governance, recruiting, how to protect your organization and donors from identity theft and lots more.

It's a good book!


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