Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happiness At Work

I read a book by Srikumar Rao this weekend - Happiness at Work - Be Resilient, Motivated , and Successful - No Matter What.

Rao suggests taking a slow approach to reading the book. Read a chapter - come to grips with it over a few days etc. So instead of reading it in one sitting, I read it in 2.

One chapter that caught my eye was "Think your problem is Managing your time? It's not". (I suggest you buy my Time Management book before reading that chapter. ). His points on time are valid. He suggests that interruptions like email, Twitter etc. cause much of our stress. And by being more relaxed about things, we will be more successful.

Each of the short 35 chapters has a title, which has the message then elaborates on it often with a zen story or another vignette. Then the chapter ends with a summary.

Although the title is "at Work", it really is a book about happiness in general. Rao takes a zen approach to it. The book is sprinkled with classic Zen stories. Ones with morals or lessons. Most of them I had read in other material. Most of them I liked.

The gist of the book - live in the moment. Accept that things are neither good or bad - they just are. Let go of past baggage. Invest in the process not the outcome. And of course - stuff does not make you happy.

Changing topics to one of my favorite - health. I had a great 2 hour run today. I tend to believe the best nutrients come from a good diet but lately have been taking some Purity Products supplements like Fish Oil, Vitamin D and Amazing Orange (this is a drink for during and after a run). And I think it is making a difference. Still tired after a long run but I think I recover faster.


At 10:22 PM, Anonymous davidburkus said...

Haven't read Rao's new one yet. I'll have to check it out.


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