Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Performance : Your Guide To Personal & Professional Excellence

I recently read Diane Matyas Book - Performance : Your Guide To Personal & Professional Excellence. It's summarizes most of what most great self-help books contain. One thing that resonated with me is her first few chapters involve talking about energy - spiritual, mental and physical. One thing I've increasingly been emphasizing in my time management systems is that it's not about time management it's about energy management. So figuring out how to gain more energy, what gives you energy what takes your energy is an absolute must.

She then goes into a section on imagination and this would be similar to my goal setting. Essentially if you can imagine and envision it, then you can create it.

She talks about creating a mastermind and mastering yourself. She has a section on relaxation (that's good for other people).

I like that she has a couple of chapters on fitness and nutrition. Ties into the section on energy.

The book covers all the basics of what people need to be high performance.

Diane certainly understands about Success Habits. People say I am a time management guru but I still love to learn.


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