Friday, January 22, 2010

The Other 8 Hours

I read a great book by Robert Pagliarini - The Other 8 Hours - Maximize Your Free Time to Create New Wealth & Purpose.

When I first heard of the book I thought. Oh no, now a time management system that figures out what to do instead of sleep - which for me would be the other 8 hours (well actually, I would rarely sleep that long).

But the gist of The Other 8 Hours discussed in the book are the hours that you're not sleeping and not working. So it's time after work essentially.

I think the book would be more appropriately targeted to those who have a job. To those who, like myself, work for themselves or are serious executives, working much more hours than full time jobs, the book is not as appropriate.

The gist of the message I completely agree with and that is get off the couch and learn something or do something with the other 8 hours. That's the best and easiest way to get ahead. One of the reasons this works for getting ahead is so many other people simply sit on the couch with the channel changer.

In addition to that basic thesis, the book is chock full of time saving ideas, like use two monitors. I learned this from my years at SYNNEX and it's very tough to work with just one monitor after you've used two.

The book talks about the things that steal productivity, listing a huge long list of things that maybe don't need to be done.

One reason might be appropriate for people who have a job is much of the talk is about money and how to make more or save more money, with lots of tips.

It's a good book, well written, well organized, easy to read.

Whenever I give my Time Management presentation, my goal is always to have people leave with two or three habits that they continue doing and are doing six weeks after the presentation. I don't consider my presentation to be a success unless this happens.

This book has so many ideas I would think only people who use the most polished of systems wouldn't be able to get a few ideas they could use.

I found the book very reinforcing.


At 7:04 PM, Anonymous Alex Revai said...

Presumably the author of "The Other 8 Hours" must be using the Hungarian Army's definition of a day. Accordingly, the DAY consists of 24 hours...and still have the whole NIGHT. :)

On the serious side, I would like take an exception about your comment, saying that "the book would be more appropriately targeted to those who have a job."

9 to 5 jobs these days may only exist for those, who have a government job.

Trust me, it's not just "serious executives", who work unGodly hours on a regular basis. That's why, for most people (including employees) it's all work no life.


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