Monday, February 01, 2010

The Imposter

I read a great book on the weekend called The Imposter - How a Juvenile Criminal Succeeded in Business and in Life , a transformation memoir by Kip Kreiling.

The reason I say it was a great book is I founded a gripping and didn't put it down.

Although it's just a bit longer than most normal business books that I'm reading (285 pages), the font size is large so I had suspected its even less words.

As the title suggests, Kip is concerned that he is an impostor when he becomes a success in life. I think many people who are successful have that fear that perhaps they'll be found out someday.

I don't see this as all bad, perhaps it helps drive us. Kip had a horrific childhood and originally took that to drive into the world of drugs, juvenile and adult delinquency, but eventually he kicked his habits. Ultimately he became highly successful in life.

The gist of his message is if someone with his disadvantages can be successful, then anyone can and the main concept is that everyone can change if they want to. This sort of goes with "today's the first day of the rest of your life".

It's interesting that he talks about Success Habits.

"Another path to success is to start small. For example, if you have challenges keeping commitments to yourself, learn to get up in the morning the very second your alarm clock goes off. Do not use the snooze button. This simple act, repeated daily, will build personal discipline and provide strength for larger changes. Action like this will retrain your brain.

Something else to try: Pick one new good habit or virtue that you want to master and that you know will transform your life. For instance, you may want to learn how to control your anger or learn to listen more than you talk. Focus on that habit for six weeks and you will find that new, ennobling behaviors will replace old, limiting ones."

He also talks about Benjamin Franklin tracking progress in a journal in order to help master the 13 virtues.

It's a good book.


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