Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Roll Up Weekly Reports

One management technique that can be used to run a larger organization is what I call roll up weekly reports.

The reason they are called roll up is they start at the bottom or mid-level and everyone sends their report to their supervisor, sends it to their manager, sends it to their VP, till eventually it hits the CEO's desk.

One principle is the weekly report is a maximum of 24 lines long (that's how long my screen is and I don't like using the scroll button).

The weekly report is very specific in what it addresses:

1. The organization typically has 3-5 large goals and there should be something addressing each one of these large goals.

2. The individual has 3-5 weekly goals, each one of those weekly goals should be addressed.

3. In the weekly report, the goals for the next week are also laid out.

4. I like a short section on things I don't know that the numbers don't say. For example information on a customer, opening a new location, or a competitor letting go staff or something else in the industry.

5. What you need from me. This is one way to get action from the manager or leader to help the person shake through and get things to the next step.

Roll up weekly reports are a great way to keep a sense of urgency in an organization as well as keeping things focused on the goals.


At 5:22 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Interesting! - What is your take on timesheets for small businesses?

David Brown

At 11:05 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Lately we've been using a 'Rockerfeller habit' called the Daily Huddle. We report KPIs, roadblocks and other goals. Takes 10 minutes in groups of no more than 5. It has the same sort of effect for accountability, goal setting etc. Different twist.


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