Thursday, October 02, 2008

Teamwork - Nascar Style

I am at the SYNNEX National Sales conference in beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina. It is a great event. Good attendence, high energy and well orchestrated.

This morning, one of the speakers was Larry McReynolds, a famous Nascar pitt crew leader. He is now a commentator on Nascar and wrote a book "How to Become a Winning Crew Chief".

I liked him. He spoke of having goals for his speech. To give us just one or two gems we can use. I like people who set goals before they do things.

He spoke about teamwork. Interesting that the winning Nascar team is named by the driver - like Jimmie Johnston unlike most sports teams that are called by a team name. Nascar is clearly about a closely orchestrated team - pit crew, mechanics, driver etc - very much a team sport.

Larrys' 3 rules about the constant pursuit of excellence are:

1 - never be 100% content. Yes, celebrate your wins but move on.

2 - Always try to make the next one better. This would be my "if you do what you alway did, the world will change and you will lose" or "what got you here won't get you there".

3 - Always evaluate. It is a good way to learn.

Good simple advice.


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